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Roof Waterproofing Services

Flawless Roof Waterproofing services in Pakistan

Duracon Engineering are the emerging roof waterproofing companies based in Islamabad. Among our several provided services, we make sure that our customer is satisfied with our job, by delivering flawless roof waterproofing services in Pakistan. No matter, how large your roof is, or if it’s sloped or straight, our experienced professionals will make sure that no area is left unattended. Through industry standard chemicals and membranes, we will handle each and every nook and corner with great diligence that no water ever comes out from your rooftop ever again. Plus our experienced team of professionals are well-known in the department of professionalism and providing work with utmost sincerity.

Roof waterproofing is among the vital steps to protect your interior to a much greater extent. For rainwater or moisture into the air, your roof might effect to the greatest. Using our industry grade bitumen membrane and cementitious waterproofing techniques in Pakistan, there will be maximum protection from any unwanted water leakage treatment, and seepage treatment, with the rest of it, our customer will observe a definitive difference against the application of roof waterproofing chemical treatment in Pakistan.

Best Roof leakage Proofing services

We believe that by providing sincerity and hard work, you can excel and grow exponentially. Duracon Engineering handles our customers with great care and diligence and in order to provide an all-rounder roof leakage proofing services in Pakistan. For people who are facing extreme water leakages in Karachi, it is widely important to understand them without protecting your roof, you might put your walls and internal furniture into risks, as bare concrete has the tendency to absorb water into a greater content. Our state of the art chemical treatment for roof leakage proofing services in Pakistan, the tight pack molecules of the roof waterproofing services along with compound is well structured to handle roof leakage in the most adequate manner.

Roof seepage repair works

Whenever the water starts to gather over your roof, the first thing a person will notice is the seepage, which starts to form over your roof, within months. Once the seepage forms into the rooftop, there is not only loss of paint and garbage, but also your roof might get tainted into a much harsher manner. Duracon Engineering has means to provide optimal roof seepage repair works because there is the only job of a civil contractor like us who can understand the situation more genuinely than noncivil contractors.

Optimal Roof leakage treatment

Water dripping from rooftops is the worst situation anyone can witness. With seepage and leakage on the go, not only your house becomes less attractive, but it’ll disrupt your structure life to a few years. Water compounds can easily travel inside the concrete which cannot be held if it enters. It is important to cover up your entire roof with an airtight chemical treatment that fixed your roof leakage issue forever. Our experienced individual will be responsible to provide you with every information there is about the job, along with the benefits which roof leakage treatment carries with itself.

Cover up roof crack joints repairs

With great leakages comes giant roof cracks, and if its left unattended, your roof concrete might starts to come off all the sudden, which may be a source of disruption to the household. It’s necessary to fill these roof crack joins with chemicals adequately made for this purpose, which include cementitious waterproofing chemical treatment which further strengthens the roof integrity, but also fill out all roof crack joints repair in the most adequate manner. As for seepage which makes your house look unattractive, the water molecules inside the concrete will start to evaporate with respect to time and if the heat is extensive in the outside, then

State of the art roof waterproofing membrane

Bitumen membrane waterproofing can never be beaten when if it’s another 100 years. The advantage it carries for cementing your roof with the ultimate roof waterproofing solution in Pakistan you can get eventually lies in the hands of bitumen membrane. With rolls that are made up from asphalt and adhesive at the bottom of the sheets, the treatment is carried out by heating up the membrane so that it can cover up the entire rooftop in one go. Bitumen membrane waterproofing has been going on since the birth of waterproofing treatment which is extensively used to repair joint cracks as well as handle roof waterproofing services and related issues for homes, industries and commercial sector.

We Deliver flat and sloped roof waterproofing

Either you have a flat roof, sloped, slanted, or corrugated sheet, our team of the experienced member will provide adequate roof waterproofing services based on the nature of your roof. There is a various trick used for different roofs as well as how much height does it’s built on. As our customers, you don’t have to remember a single value, as our dedicated supervisor and surveyor will manage all estimation and inspection without any charge. We make sure that our customer gets the best roof waterproofing services for flat and sloped roof alike.

We are All rounder in roof leakage repair works

Roof leakage repair works are our ultimate service as leakages tend to disrupt the entire household to great trouble. It is a job of urgency and we, at Duracon Treatment has been providing roof leakage repair works for many years.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Yes, our expert technician understands each roof structure with great zeal and determination and perform adequate repair works using our industry standard chemical treatment.
Seepage would take around 2-3 months to get fully disappear, so water has been absorbed inside concrete for some time, and it will be evaporated based on how much heat is present outside.
Yes, most definitely. Our waterproofing chemicals will prevent rainwater from enters into your roof.
Yes, we provide both heat proofing and waterproofing in Pakistan.