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Wall Heat Proofing Service

We provide Wall heat proofing Service in Pakistan

Without a doubt, Pakistan is undergoing tremendous climate changes effect which is affecting not only people traveling outdoors, by indoors as well, whether its offices, homes or industries. Duracon Engineering has provided services pertaining to roof cool solutions with our high tech chemicals treatment which can also be applied on your walls. Keeping your entire structure heat proofing in our number one priority whenever we are hired for a job. These days, keeping your roof in tip-top shape from external sun heat is not enough to get the maximum advantage from heat proofing service.

We make sure that our customers get the all rounding solution when it comes to heat proofing. Throughout state of the art pigments and sun-reflective chemicals will make sure that no heat it ever transfer inside your home ever again. Throughout wall proofing service in Pakistan, we cover each and every city whether its Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or its suburbs, our professional team along with supervisor will travel in moments notice to provide you our wall proofing service in the most professional manner. Besides heat proofing services, we also present valuable recommendations, tips to secure your structure from heat in the future and how to maintain your boundaries simply by following some basic principles in the future.

External wall proofing treatment in Pakistan

Complete chemical treatment for Wall heat proofing in Pakistan is certainly an important aspect to have if you want to get protected from intense heat during summer season. Duracon Engineering provides wall heat proofing solutions to our customers from commercial, and industrial along with homes. The concrete wall which is surrounded across your structure can become a great annoyance if proper chemical treatment is not obtained. Our professional experts will be sure that not even a spot is left unattended, to get the maximum benefit of home cool from roof to walls in the most effective manner.

Outer wall heat proofing solutions in Islamabad

Chemical treatment solution for outer wall heat proofing in Islamabad is among our top services which we provide to our customers. We aim to provide a full-fledged heat proofing solution in Pakistan that not only prevent the harsh heat into the structure, but also keep your house protected from outer unprecedented effects of spots which often emerges after the composition of heat and water. A white color at the outer wall makes it quite feasible for customers to maintain their walls with white and pleasant color will increase the appeal of the structure.

Best service to insulate exterior walls for your homes

Walls presents vital importance during the heat waves in Pakistan. To get the complete effect from heat proofing services, it’s important to avail exterior wall insulation services using a special type of pigment, which helps to reduce the extensive amount of heat buildup from your homes, offices, and industries. With the allocated insulation for exterior walls, the bright colored pigment will provide two features for your walls, one is to present a sleek look of white color into the exterior walls and another feature is to provide completeness in wall heat proofing treatment.

Internal wall insulation methods used in Pakistan

There are several methods used for internal wall insulation methods in Pakistan, with various intensities, and effects accomplishing the intended objective, to have a comprehensive heat proofing solution in Lahore. Duracon Engineering provides various packages to our clients, from basic wall heat proofing service to more advanced heat proofing services. Our services include an industry grade pigment for internal wall insulation that helps as a double deal for preventing the extra heat which is transmitted from outdoor to indoor and gets bogged down successfully. Internal wall insulation methods not only secure your structure from incoming heat but also helps to prevent absorption of heat from outside of the structure.

Free inspection and estimation for wall heat proofing service in Pakistan

Wondering what type of chemical treatment will be applied to your home and how much it cost? Simply by contacting Duracon Engineering would assist you in providing a full inspection and cost estimation for your site. Our expert surveyor will present himself at your prescribed location and include each and every task which will be laid down during the wall heat proofing process. The inspection will be executed with great attention to detail so that no miscalculation existed during our estimation. Also, we will propose additional services to our customers will basically support the cause of calling wall heat proofing specialist for the first time, so that a comprehensive approach is considered.

100% customer satisfaction

Our work for wall heat proofing service in Pakistan will be focused on achieving only one thing, to get total customer fulfillment after the work is completed. It is our track record that we make sure every customer is happy from our services in the end and want to become a returning client in the future. The basis for achieving this feat is only possible through devotion, sincerity, and openness towards the client and his project. Also, we make sure that the time taken to complete the work is in the minimum because every customer wishes to encounter a cool home experience as soon as possible.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Yes, as the matter of fact, our chemical treatment is completely dynamic in terms of application for roofs and walls alike. So that we charge from our clients at the minimum and provide comprehensive support to our customers.
Yes, it’s completely possible. Although, many clients prefer to apply wall chemical treatment on the exterior only as these chemicals, similarly like ordinary paint, may smell odd.
Either you have steel walls or concrete walls, the material used for wall heat proofing will be similar as the chemical property is unconnected with the compound it is coated with.
No. Our chemicals for wall heat proofing contains natural minerals like Titanium dioxide, lead carbonate, barium , and antimony oxide are few of the compounds used in our chemical treatment.