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flooring services in pakistan

Duracon Engineering bedecks homes as well as corporate and commercial spaces, meeting the clients’ requirements and complementing their style. Her formal rich interiors show as much flair as her chic, contemporary themes.


Construction of sports floors is a science, and therefore First Floor brings top of the line solutions from world-renowned suppliers, which have approvals from their respective sports federations. These floorings are engineered to deliver supreme comfort, as well as safety to improve performance.


Laminate floors are durable, and manufactured using a combination of wood-derived materials. They are competitively priced, easy to maintain, and offer homeowners a limitless variety of choices. We love the creative side of flooring. There’s nothing morerewarding than transforming a space with the perfect, hassle-free floor.


“Elegance of natural wood is irreplaceable. Customers look into installing Engineered hardwood flooring for its authenticity, timeliness, and durability.”
Engineered hardwood floor is a good investment that can enhance the value of your home and provide beauty for a lifetime.


Especially suitable for use in contemporary office environments. Carpet tiles are a heavy-duty flooring solution with special emphasis on acoustical requirement of a workplace. The flexible nature of the material gives easy access to the floor underneath. This means that technicians can gain access to under floor cables, which is important to any workplace functionality.


First floor introduces cushioned, resilient vinyl flooring from Tarkett, in Pakistan. Offered in a range of timeless wood, stone, and solid colors, Tarkett Residential PVC collection offers a comfortable flooring solution that stands up to the wear and tear of daily use. An added slip-resistant grip provides extra safety, making this an ideal flooring solution for any residential usage.


First Floor was the pioneer in introducing artificial turf grass in Pakistan. This exceptionally luxurious, 100% polypropylene product is used for various leisure and sports purposes. With the use of Artificial Turf, a major expense of watering and maintaining a lawn can be avoided. Artificial grass is made from several types of synthetic yarns put together in the right scientific combination for a variety of usages. They are fade resistant whilst providing a lush, well-manicured natural grass appearance.