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Roof Heat Insulation Services

Effective Roof heat insulation Services in Pakistan

Duracon Engineering is a powerhouse of heat proofing services in Pakistan. And in order to go the extra mile, we provide the most impressive roof heat proofing in Pakistan. No matter, where and when, our team of experts will deliver result oriented heat insulation solutions to our customers, whether they belong from residential, commercial and industrial. Through our imported and efficient insulation materials, we make sure that your structure is secured from the warm weather all across Pakistan.

Looking to make your home well insulated from stored heat by concrete roofs and walls, our professional technicians will cover every corner of your home so that no heat every crosses inside the room. We fix your Roof heat through our high-tech insulation materials which are not only waterproof but can work in each season. Roof insulation is the most important aspect of any household to get the maximum heat reflection and work as a bad conductor material to restrict any type of radiation from its structure.

Solid Roof heat proofing option

We make sure that our customers get the most fitting heat proofing option for their homes and industries. We understand that heat insulation is usually the powerhouse of heat protection from a roof, and it may cost little extra than the conventional roof heat proofing for the liquid form. But the effects that solid roof heat proofing option has towards the structure is way more effective than any other option in the market. With the insulation from interior and exterior, your structure can get all the benefits of heat proofing to its fullest.

Types of insulation materials

For homes, offices, and industries, many types of insulation materials are popular among the masses. Not only that, but these materials work in the best possible way, as per the requirement of the customer. Based on its composition, the insulation material helps to reduce the total heat absorption to the minimum. Below are the most accessible types of insulation material in the market.

Make your home well Insulated and cool

With the climate change turn its toil in Pakistan which maximum intensity, people are operating air condition in this energy limited country. With scheduled and unscheduled load shedding, that air conditioning also decreases in effects and with high energy bill being received every month, it just makes the matter worse for everyone. Through well-insulated homes and offices, you would not only save up a great deal of money through no turning off the air conditioning but also, load shedding won’t get your effective for much as the insulating materials will protect you from the harmful radiations and heat buildup through concrete roofs and walls.

Insulation materials protect the roof from sun heat

Karachi gathers a lot of heat over the years, and with concrete jungle being developed in a rapid scale, its the only fair to work on its remedies rather than securing more air conditioning units, which truly adds up energy power to its highest level. Maintaining a better overlook by adopting insulation materials for heat proofing your homes and offices, protect the roof from sun heat. The result is actually instant, or the very least, after 24 hours. No heat will enter into your house, and neither the process of heat absorption will take place. Its complete benefit for our customer to have insulation material for your homes.

A comprehensive House heat insulation

We at Duracon Engineering want to provide our customer will optimal solution for roof heat proofing service in Pakistan. Along with heat insulation, we make sure that remaining areas, from where heat might enter into the house, is properly treated throughout heat proofing chemicals. Our comprehensive house heat insulation mechanism for clients, that really looking to secure their homes from excessive sunlight is about to have a treat of their lifetime. With industry standard heat insulation material and out of the shelf chemical treatment, the composition works in a great tandem to support roofs from preventing extra heat.

Best choice for roof protection from heat

Are you really looking for the best option for the roof protection from heat? Our Roof heat insulation services is the best security which will certainly lift all the burden of build up heat inside your rooftops from your homes. With interior and exterior treatment for insulation material, solar heat will be unable to find an opening from any direction, whether it’s from roof or wall. Not only that, but the insulation material works as a waterproofing agent as well for minor leakage and seepage through your rooftops.

Reflective roofing material that does the trick

Our insulation materials come in different composition with various properties that has its own strength. For maximum benefits, we apply a reflective coating over our roofing material that not only works as a bad conductor in the first place but also reflects all the heat energy from its surface. Our chemical treatment manages to provide the best solution for a roof that gathers a huge amount of heat for your homes, office, and industries. Our experts and team of professionals will make sure that your structure is well guarded with sun heat from in and out, and will deliver the best possible customer service, which will definitely put a smile on your face.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Heat proofing comprises of chemical treatment and coating over your roof and walls, while heat insulation consists of insulated materials that are placed over your roofs for maximum heat proofing.
Yes, We apply a special coating over our insulated materials, that protects them from the water. We also provide waterproofing services in Pakistan, so we have all the protected chemical and equipment at our disposal.
Yes. Its a part of our service. In order to protect your home from intense heat waves, our team of professionals will make sure that for both exterior and interior, the placement of insulating materials is managed properly.
Yes. Duracon Engineering provides free estimation and inspection for our every service.