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Dampness on wall treatment Services

Completely stop damp in the bedroom

Often people asked with many home repair contractors, how to stop damp in the bedroom? And we have the only viable solution that not only provides a befitting response with our customer’s issue but also proved to be a reasonable one. We, at  Duracon Engineering  understands the abomination for dampness on the wall, which absolutely ruins the perfect wall into shreds, and the aesthetics turned into dust. It is not in our experienced and responsibility to provide suitable solutions as dampness on wall treatment to our customers which makes sure that our customers are fully satisfied in the end, and that their wall is properly returned to its formal glory.

Looking at the repercussion of dampness on the wall, you might notice some of the harsh side effects when extra water is absorbed inside your wall. Some of these consequences are patches that never seem to fade away, plaster which is completely damaged from all areas, weird smell and various ugly watermarks. As we all understand that most of the residential and homes are built over concrete walls, which has the tendency to absorb water in greater quantity, might give you a false sense of assurity that wet walls mean better cooling inside the walls. Actually, there is no connection between the water and heat, when it comes to sunlight, but that comes in the jurisdiction of heat proofing, another service offered by Duracon Engineering.

Perfect damp-proofing paint for interior walls

The prime solutions that we provide for our clients facing a great deal of trouble from dampness on the wall, is through delivering them with the most out of the box solution, which is the damp proofing paint for interior walls. Our state of the art waterproofing paint will insure that not even a single speck of water ever seen from your walls when our dampness on the wall treatment is underway. The water particle stays inside the concrete or the very least, is unable to get absorbed inside the concrete, which helps to enable your wall to retain its former aesthetic glory.

Thoroughly Fixes damp under house

It is from our experience that most dampness accumulates under the house, as water finds its way downwards, as told by science. If we can’t alter the science, the only feasible thing to do is to protect anything that comes in the way of water, like our floor, or walls near the basement. Dampness is the worst thing that could happen to a beautifully built house, so our experts with plenty of experience, will not only undergo with a comprehensive exercise on evaluating the reason about what is the root cause for the damp under the house, and made sure water will never get absorbed easily ever again.

how to damp proof your walls for years

There are two things when it comes to dampness on the wall treatment, one is to repair the existing dampness, and other is to how to damp proof your walls completely. To our understanding, and through our rigorous experience and know who, we came to a conclusion that how to damp proof is the most asked question in Pakistan. This is because of the fact that no matter how well the walls are treated, water might turn your hard work into dusk in the matter of second. Duracon Engineering, always makes sure that we not only fill up the cracks and side effects evaluated from damp walls, and make it a complete damp proof for future use.

We provide the best paint to stop damp on walls

Duracon Engineering provides the best paint to stop damp on walls for years. This is only possible through our imported and industry grade chemical, applied through out experts treatment. The water which is absorbed and causing dampness on the wall will never come out and show its effects after the paint is properly applied. Our experienced team will carry out the chemical treatment from both of the walls and make sure that not water effects ever arises again so that our customer can get relaxed from damp on walls for years.

We use Imported best paint for damp walls

Damp walls are a nuisance if not treated promptly, for the same reason, Duracon Engineering delivers the most optimal service for our clients, which is the use of imported best paint for damp walls, that not only ensures that your wall is chemically treated with great care, but also helps you to make your wall damp proof for years to come. Our professional labor force has the means and methods to provide a clean way through which helps to make your wall crystal clear from ugly water spots and patches.

Optimal damp proof paint for internal walls

Using the correct paint for the correct place comes through focus, experience and years of devotion with our work. At Duracon Engineering, we make sure that our customers can nothing short of the best work which features damp proof paint for internal walls. Through vigorous chemical treatment for your internal as well and external walls, the dampness on the wall is nowhere to be found within only hours of application. Our skills ensure that the entire chemical treatment undergoes with the utmost professional manner.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Yes, Duracon Engineering prime offer is to provide free inspection and estimation for our clients.
At first, we need to understand the intensity of dampness into the wall. If there are only patches of paint coming out, we will use dampness proof paint, otherwise, the harsh the consequence, the greater the level of coat
Unfortunately, our experts only provide the coating service which includes chemical treatment. You might need to repair that first from a mason.
Yes, once a chemical is applied to your wall, you can apply any new paint and it won’t effect the dampness to come back.