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Roof Heat Proofing Service

Best Roof Heat Proofing Service in Pakistan

Duracon Engineering is equipped with the optimal roof heat proofing chemicals for the job and team that handles them with over 6 years of experience on the belt. Our commitment and dedication have labeled us to become one of the emerging roof heat proofing service in Pakistan. With our healthy portfolio and experience in this area, our professional individual and experts have made it possible to provide Roof heat proofing solutions for clients whether they belong to the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Not to mention the trust and confidence that has been bestowed upon us by our customers has provided confidence on our approach and to the realization that honest work and sincerity can lead to great things for business, no matter how small they are.

Available as an active business for roof heat proofing in Karachi, our methods used during chemical treatment for heat reduction is accompanied by sun reflective paint for roof and various other equipment used either for application of chemicals or as a supporting gear which not only work has an extension through our work, but also make the job a lot cleaner and professionals. Our assortment of equipment is not only safe to use by our labor but also protect from any unforeseeable accidents. The chemical treatment which is used in order to reduce heat from the roof is based on the nature of rooftops and location of the job. We provide expertise on various chemical treatment for roof heat proofing in Pakistan which includes, adhesive compounds such as epoxies, and solar reflective compounds which is the most widely used chemical for heat treatment on the roof.

Heat proofing for Steel sheets

There is a straight forward way to provide chemical treatment for leveled rooftop which is most suited for homes and office, but for industries, where the roof is usually not plain and concrete based, the use of special chemical treatment is necessary to provide for our customers. For steel sheets such as Galvanized sheets and Corrugated sheets, the roof heat proofing service is somewhat technical than the rest, because of improving leveling of rooftops and the material from which the roof is made. Our heat proofing solution in Pakistan comprises of the effective application by our experienced team of the individual that not only provide the best possible chemical treatment for steel sheets but also make sure that you get an instant result in order to reduce heat from rooftops.

Heat proofing for concrete ceiling

Concrete roofs have the tendency to absorb heat to a greater extent which adds up the additional temperature for your interior. Without any special chemical treatment over your outdoor concrete roofs, there would be problem pertaining to heat buildup during warmer climates, especially if you are situated in Karachi. Using our industry standard Roof heat proofing service equipped with sun reflective coating technology that works in tandem with concrete compound, no matter if the roof is slated or flat. Our while color pigment which works as a sun reflective paint for the roof, effectively reduce heat from the roof and into your interior temperature.

Sun Reflective Paint for Roof

Through our industry standard sun reflective pigment with higher reflectivity value helps to reduce heat from roof most effectively. Our chemical treatment has astounding values which increase the comprehensiveness of our chemicals through various departments, such as using titanium dioxide as sun reflective agent for our roof heat proofing service have generally more reflectivity index for roofs. All of our chemicals are completely environmental friendly as the pigment for all chemical is extracted from natural sources such as anatase, ilmenite, and rutile.

Fire-resistant roof heat proofing chemicals

Our roof heat proofing service provides the ideal chemical treatment for our roof heat proofing services which has the flexibility of being fire-resistant and heat-resistant chemical for your roof. As every heat proofing chemical undergo to extreme temperature due to sun rays, and often when the temperature rises to a higher value, the paint may get burn marks due to radiation effect magnified by urban heat dissipation. At Duracon Engineering, our products are top-notch with better sun reflective significance as well equipped optimally for heat resistant paint for the roof, make decreases the chance of being corroded due to harsh weather changes.

100% Guaranteed Customer Service

If you are looking to experience the best customer experience with the utmost professionalism and devotion from the job, Duracon Engineering provides the optimum roof heat proofing service for our customers. Our methods involve free estimation and inspection, which includes consultation as well so that our customers are well informed about all procedures that will be laid over your rooftops. In terms of chemicals procurement, we will handle everything, without any hassle. Our chemical treatment won’t let your household get disturbed as it involves coating treatment with minimal heavy duty work. Our experienced supervisor will be on the site during the work and he will provide a constant update to our customer, 24/7, even through phone calls. We believe that well-informed customers are happy customers.

Free Inspection and Estimation

Are you tired of all the load shedding and warm temperature indoors, whether you are living in residential homes, commercial offices, large complex or factories? Give us a call for free inspection and estimation to avail the best roof heat proofing service in Pakistan. Our expert surveyor will come right through your doorstep for a free inspection and will provide you helpful consultation if you want to decrease temperature from your roof. There are various services from medium to high, which could lower down the stored temperature to about 20 C.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Yes, we do provide ceiling heat proofing, which is an essential part of comprehensive chemical treatment in order to reduce heat from the roof for good.
Our services are available across Pakistan, From Karachi to Skardu, No matter which location our customers want to avail our services, our expert professional will travel there along with equipment and procurement for roof heat proofing solutions.
We provide 100% guarantee for our roof heat proofing for our work. Which means every application from start to finish will be done like industrial standard, and we will offer exactly what we advertise, or even more than that.
Our roof heat proofing solution is state of the art, meaning, our customers will start to feel a reduction in interior heat after few hours of application, or at most after one day, depends on the size of the structure and internal stored heat.