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Satin Look Sealer for Concrete Floors & Stones


Duraseal 101 Clear Penetrative Sealer is a solvent based acrylic co polymer on a perfect drying behaving as a clear sealed film forming strongly bonded non glossy, washable, tough, non cracking, shock, impact, weather and UV resistant seamless adhesive membrane providing long lasting and ever fresh look, it has been specially formulated to act as protective sealant for semi and high porous internal and external surfaces from oxidation, corrosion or erosion; to fill up and seal minute pores, pinholes, hair line cracks and to restore sanitary appearance when applied in a minimum of coats. It is best for coastal and other areas subjected to high humidity and water spillage. It can be effectively used on exposed structures to
protect from destructions caused by atmospheric variations, humidity and water preventing from rusting/ corrosion chlorination/ carbonation, weathering and local mechanical changes during civil construction and structure fabrication. The deep penetration of the sealer into the substrate applied on providing a glass bonding effect thereby the same textured finish retarding penetration of grease, oil, dilute acids, Seepages, dampness, moldings, fungus and weather deterioration.


Duraseal 101 is most suitably to be used as surface sealer, Hardener, Seamless Membrane, and dust proffer on R.C.C, Brick works, Mosaic and tiled floor. It is applied onto facades, pre cast concrete and fair faced concrete surfaces to strengthen, protect and seal, preventing marginal edges, sides and corners from  hipping besides enhancing the wet appearance and the fresh look of the exposed aggregates.


It is ready to use, no further dilution is required, wet on wet two coats are required, apply with brush, roller or spray.


160 feet2 on flat non porous surface. The coverage is directly linked to the porosity and texture of the surface, method of application and atmospheric conditions specially the humidity factor. Touch dry within 10 minutes and cures within three hours. The drying process is directly related to the atmospheric humidity and temperature conditions, proper ventilation is advised for application and fast curing. (ASTM-C-309)


Apply by brush, roller or spray, Prepare clean and dry the surface from dust/ dirt, moisture, oil and grease, Apply as it is 2-3 coats with intervals of three hours.


Butyl acetate/ Toluene, Dilute only 5% if most necessary

Product Data

Typical Value
Clear/ Transparent
Solvent smell, however, dried film absolutely odorless
Solid Content
25% ± W/V (ASTM C-771)
Flash Point
Flammable in liquid state 36°C (ASTM D-56)
UV Resistance
10000 Hours (no effect)
Peel Adhesion
60 1b/ inch2
Free flowing liquid, Spec. Gravity 0.95± 1 Baume


Excellent for application over concrete, Plasters, Floor tiles, Asbestoses asphalt Roofs, Wood, Under Screed and all such other porous surfaces One component easy to stir and apply by brush, Roller or Spray Completely water tight after drying even when immersed for longer period  of time.
No risk of creeping due to bad weather, mechanical stress or oxidation and withstanding temperatures from 4°C to 80 °C. 
Imparts no taste, Odor or products coming in contact Storage life in excess of one year


Flammable in liquid state The dried cured film non toxic, non corrosive and non poisonous in handling and contact, insoluble in petroleum, white spirit, turpentine, mineral oil, gasoline, kerosene, fats, grease, dilute acids/ alkalis and water. However on prolonged contact with water it may absorb 2% water which will evaporate if allows drying perfectly restoring the normal look.


Stir contents well prior to use.
Do not apply on water logged surfaces.
Bitumen and asphalt surfaces should be totally dry at the time of application.
The concrete surface which has to be seal must be 28 days old and free from entrapped moisture.
Proper ventilation is advised for application and fast curing (ASTM-C-309)


5/25 KG Cans and 200 KG drum. Use within two years from manufacturing date. Store in well ventilated area at 30°C