Basement Waterproofing Services

Fantastic Basement waterproofing services in Pakistan

Duracon Engineering is an organization equipped with means and methods for providing you overall basement waterproofing services in Pakistan. Whether is flooded basement, molds or mildew across the corners of the walls or simply seepage found at your basement, our experts will make sure your walls and floor are well protected from water being surfaces either from the ground up, heavy rain, or next door leaking house. We understand the need for the perfect house as it increases its resale value as well as improve the living standard of people because no one enjoys a wet basement in their homes.

If you might be thinking how on earth the excessive water can be transfer out from your basement, which is considered to be the lowest area of your home, there are 3 steps involve for it, one is to clean your basement gutters, as it might be clogged up due to garbage or debris, secondly, make sure your downpipe is extended further down into the gutter area, which comes into the construction part of the work, and lastly, create a slope feature around your basement flooring for water to move away into the gutter opening automatically, instead using a manual wiper which takes time. Our experienced professional will make sure that our customers get the best basement waterproofing services in Pakistan.

Fixes and seal leaking basement wall

Foundation wall is the real culprit when we talk about basement waterproofing. It is almost impossible to seal off foundation walls as it has been concealing over a large amount of dirt. The only option left, which is also the best one is to fix the basement walls properly. Duracon Engineering makes sure that our waterproofing chemicals treatment undergoes proper application which helps to seal leaking basement walls more effectively. We start of my filling all the cracks and removing moisturized dampness area around the wall, and then apply our airtight chemicals which provide instant results.

Experts in cementitious waterproofing in Karachi

Our more famous chemical choice, the power mix solution which is made up of reinforced fiber and high-grade polymer, usually acrylic mixture with industry standard cement creates an outstanding result in holding off all the leakages and seepage from your basement. Being the experts in cementitious waterproofing in Karachi, we make sure that our customers get the highest grade chemical treatment which not only creates prevents from emerging mold and mildew from the basement walls but also keep you flooring neat and tidy from dust and damages from the unprecedented atmosphere and rusting.

Comprehensive basement seepage repairs

Water, although the effects of the damages are displayed in years, nevertheless is destructive for cement based walls and floors. For homes, which are already a decade old, will definitely show the signs of uneven flooring and wall on the basement, no matter how clearly you have made your basement during its construction. It is important to undergo chemical treatment for your walls that fixes cracks, molds and eroding of walls. Using our cementitious waterproofing solution, we make sure that no outstanding issue ever arises after our chemical application to its complete form.

Chemical treatment using various waterproofing methods

Duracon Engineering are equipped with various waterproofing methods that help your basement to relive its glory days. Some of our types which we use across Pakistan, that has a great response on each type of flooring are cementitious, liquid waterproofing membrane, bituminous coating, bituminous membrane, and polyurethane foam. Among these all methods, we are generally more inclined towards cementitious and bitumen waterproofing as they both are readily available in the market plus they both do a fantastic job in providing best airtightness between chemical and walls of your basement.

Experienced in waterproofing home foundation

Whether we are working on homes, of different shape and sizes, every basement is joined together with the home foundation, whose waterproofing is necessary to carry out with the utmost professionalism.  Duracon Engineering  is experienced in providing complete solutions for basement waterproofing services in Pakistan, all that’s left to get the ideal situation is to treat waterproofing home foundation. No matter how well protected is your foundation, without chemical treatment, the water might get inside of the concrete, and gets seepage trouble, which might get a long way for troubles if not properly treated.

Waterproofing solution for Basement cement

Using our cementitious waterproofing solution, which is considered to be the best medium for indoor waterproofing services in Pakistan, our expert team will carry out the chemical treatment over the basement cement at first, then the wall area. The main reason for this method is generally focused on the ground leveling and repairing works, as by applying cementitious solution over your basement cement floor, it joins in all the cracks and openings which is the major extraction point of water, which usually enters into the basement.

Seal off leaky basement walls

We take great care when working our way to basement walls, as they focus too much more area than the floor. Either you are using cinder block wall, or concrete wall, water might comes inside and outside due to its absorbing property. We make sure that by seal off leaky basement walls, all the unsafe extraction of water through the wall damages are reduced and make it adequate even for floods level of water.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Basement is considered to be the ground level of a building which is primarily just a floor, or a slab whose waterproofing is focused only on horizontal axis, while the basement is something erected coming either in the form of pillars or walls, whose waterproofing is applied across the walls of the foundation.
With no sunlight and air in the basement, the dry time is the longest, which is about 48 hours.
Water in the Basement damages concrete in the form of seepage, cracks, and mildew. If the cracks on the basement are enlarged over time, it might affect our floors of your house as well. Basement Waterproofing makes sure that no crack ever emerges on your homes.
Yes, We perform waterproofing for every basement, no matter how large or small.