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Foundation Waterproofing Services

Pioneers in Foundation waterproofing services in Pakistan

Duracon Engineering  has been the pioneers of foundation waterproofing in Pakistan, where we deliver an out of the box chemical treatment to help you reduce water leakage from the foundation of your homes. No matter how confidence you seem to have for your foundation construction, concrete has the property to absorb earth water which in result create certain water problems which includes, leakage, seepage, water overflow, crack, mold and mildew over the basement walls and other annoying issues which at the very least reduces the aesthetics of your home. It is vitally important to avail waterproofing solution which is equipped with various types and techniques to reduce such issue from the face of the Earth.

Among the damages around your foundation which require an earliest access of waterproofing services in Pakistan, you might need to look around your basement in depth and examine whether it is showing the signs of solid foundation wall leak, cementitious parge, immature drainage, exterior wall cracks or wall dampness are the few localities that might indicate that your foundation is in dire need of protective layer of either bitumen membrane, mortar or protective airtight barriers. The important thing to remember is to avoid delaying the foundation waterproofing work as it might turn out to further enhance the damage tenfold.

Comprehensive waterproofing services

Our waterproofing experts are well trained in terms of providing not only general waterproofing services but exemplary customer satisfaction. The main thing about every service provider is to show sincerely and professionalism with the work, which is an essential component for Duracon Engineering. Our profound team and experienced supervisor will carry out each and every component with utmost zeal and devotion. Your troubles of leakages in your basement and foundation will be over through our avid range of chemicals at your disposals such as bitumen waterproofing treatment, cementitious waterproofing, and various other water-repellent compounds used with concrete.

Experts in Foundation settlement repair works

Keeping Foundation in tiptop condition is the matter of life and death in the terms of your structural well being. If you are unsure whether your foundation needs an expert eye and looking for a proper consultation before anything else, Duracon Engineering consults our clients free of charge. Not only that, we will provide you with our portfolio where similar work has been undergoing and what difference has it made for the previous setup. Our experts individual for foundation settlement repair works understands by seeing various signs that now its time for a comprehensive foundation waterproofing service to avails, such as cracked foundation, molding displacements, uneven flooring, and misalignment of windows.

Provide Basement wall water sealer applications

There are two ways to apply foundation waterproofing in general, one is through chemical treatment which is not only cost effective but produce intended results as well. The second option is through modification of construction materials such as advanced clay, scientific cement, and crack filling materials. All these compounds work together to form a comprehensive design for basement wall water sealer applications that are widely used in the practical world. There is the difference in cost for the second option but the recommended method is through availing basement waterproofing with chemicals that are being widely acclaimed for their result orientation and effectiveness during chemical application.

Completely seal leaking basement wall of your homes

Are you tired of basement leakages and cracks that are not stopping any moment on its own? Duracon Engineering is equipped with all the modern equipment that has been used to further transform our procedure to completely seal the leaking basement wall of your homes, office or industries. The disruptive effect of a water-induced concrete wall located at your basement is not advised as it might show awful indications that huge amount of water is starting to absorbed inside the foundation, such as cracks in the foundation, tilting concrete, cracks around doors and windows, cracks on the concrete floor and jamming doors.

Follows Internationally proven waterproofing methods

There is no better reaffirmation than providing all the latest practicing during our foundation waterproofing solution that using internationally proven waterproofing methods and techniques. No matter the structure influence of your house, the chemical treatment, and its adequate application standards are influenced by internationally tested chemicals that provide an instant result from cracks and molds at the interior and exterior of your structure. We make sure that all the chemicals are well tuned and equipment that is being used to fill out the chemicals on to the foundation is also of internationally standard.

Best solution provide for home waterproofing

Maintaining a residential is crucial for retaining its resale value and if there by any chance, cracks or leakages around your foundation, you might lose its intended value to a greater extent. Duracon Engineering understands the importance of home waterproofing and the concept behind its conception. Our team of professionals is well equipped in terms of experience and dedication to providing you the best solution for home waterproofing in order to increase the life of your structure and also increases the resale value of your home.

Emerging waterproofing consultant in islamabad

Duracon Engineering is considered to be one of the emerging waterproofing consultants in Karachi which provides the most feasible options which are cost-effective and show instant results to our customers. In terms of chemical that are used during the process of foundation waterproofing, we only use the industry standard chemicals which are widely considered to be the market tested and environmentally friendly, so that our customer can rest assured that their homes or offices are safe and secure from any harmful fumes or foul smell.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Foundation waterproofing will provide a complete repairing application around your basement and foundation. It will help to fill out and repair cracks, molds, and dampness of your foundation due to water absorption by concrete situated at the underground level.
Yes. Foundation waterproofing is considered to be an investment with a great ROI when you are about to sell the property.
It is recommended to avail foundation waterproofing company during construction for better output and avoid any foreseeable damages, but it is required after the construction, it still is possible, but with less effectiveness.
Yes. Foundation chemical can be concealed through applying concrete flooring over the applied solution and simply paint the chemical in white color.