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Coalescent, Dispersant, Wetting agent, De-foamer etc.


Durapell is a solvent-free Siloxane/alkoxy silane emulsion in water. The product is suitable as impregnating agent for masonry, including highly alkaline surfaces. It demonstrates good penetration into a variety of absorbent mineral building materials. Our team of professionals with over 6 years of experience in waterproofing and heat proofing industry will furthermore comply with best of their abilities so that our clients are satisfied at the end of the day. Lakhwa Chemical Services has gain tremendous reputation and popularity for being one of the emerging waterproofing solutions in Pakistan throughout colorful portfolio and experienced professionals.


Used in water repellent treatment of porous surfaces including
concrete, fibrous cement products, calcium silicate brick, natural
stone, plaster and brick

Provides water repellent, breathable coating
Good penetration into porous surfaces
Leaves no Gloss or Shine on surface
Solvent free, environmentally compatible
Highly permeable to water vapor
Resistance to aggressive air born pollutants
Micro porous
Non thermoplastics
Not a breeding ground for Fungi, algae &mosses

Product Data

Typical Value
Active substance content
6.0% by weight
Specific Gravity


It is ready to use, no further dilution is required, wet on wet two coats are required, apply with brush, roller or spray.


Standard processes for the water-repellent treatment of masonry can be used. These include spraying, dipping, and flow coating. Before application on large surfaces, trials should be conducted to determine the optimum water repellency; Durapell should not be applied at the temperature below +5°C


Contact with solvent-borne impregnating agents (including residual material in the application equipment) and with tin-containing materials in the application equipment must be avoided.


Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request, Formulations typically remain stable and suitable for application for six moths, if stored over longer period the formulation may separate. In this case, the formulation must be vigorously stirred before application.


25, 100 & 200 liters drum