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Wall Heat Insulation Services

Complete Wall Heat Insulation Services in Pakistan

Duracon Engineering provides a complete range of wall insulation service in Pakistan which will greatly help to reduce all the build up heat from your homes, offices and industrial structure. Along with roof insulation service in Pakistan, most of the home also suffer great heat radiation through their walls, as concrete is a bad reflective compound for heat and require insulated properly in order to prevent extra heat to get absorbed inside the walls. Our expert professionals will make sure that all of your walls are properly insulated with our industry grade material that provides an instant result.

With a board range of wall heat insulation services in Pakistan, we provide chemical treatment for irregular walls as well as polyurethane foam coating for walls that are more prone to heat conduction. Our aim is to minimize the heat absorption to its lowest number by applying various treatment to your home, starting from roof insulation, ceiling insulation, and wall insulation. All of these practices require great zeal and expertise, which our personnel is quite capable to perform with instant result.

Used Best insulated materials for your wall

Walls that are properly insulated is essential to blogging heat radiation which is received directly from the sun as well as urban heat island effect which is quite a common occurrence in large cities. Mostly with concrete jungle around the vicinity of your home, heat is radiated in a great amount which effects seriously to your home temperature. It is essential for your walls to become a stopping element which prevents to further caries the heat within its composition, but also provide an energy-efficient lifestyle that uses less amount of air conditioning in the result of it.

Make your homes completely insulated from heat

In a home, beside walls and roof, everything else is open, that means windows and doors. A person cannot permanently shut down these areas so heat coming in from it is understandable, but with your roof and walls, which covers a larger portion of your home, is just there for protection from direct sunlight, dust, wind other external effects. But what about heat? In order to secure your walls from excessive heat which is getting worse each year in Pakistan should be prevented by installing insulated materials around your walls, that plays an important role is restricting heat to enter into the property, thus greatly reduce the affectibility.

Types of insulation for walls in Pakistan

Insulation for walls requires proper insulation material and expertise to apply these materials. Duracon Engineering provides an all-rounder solution for a complete overhaul of your walls to make it more insulated. There are various types of insulation for walls used in Pakistan that prevents the extra heat to built up inside your home. Most of the material which is used for roof insulation is the same for wall insulation as well, some of these types are listed below:

We provide roof insulation

We understand the walls cover more area, so more heat may be generated from these and proper insulation is necessary to keep your home secure from added up the heat. But in reality, your rooftops is considered to be the real culprit of absorbing more heat and later transferring to your walls and other structure of your home. We understand this concept quite clearly and will surely advise our customers to properly insulate their rooftops as well, in order to gain maximum benefit for having a state of the art home, which dissolves plenty Centigrade of heat into your home, which is the result of it, will save up energy used for no operation of air conditioning units in your homes and offices.

Best thermal insulation material in Islamabad

Our professional and dedicated team of experts will provide all the necessary details about various types of modern thermal insulation material which is used in Islamabad, and will install into your home as quickly as possible. Through our years of training and experience, we understand by inspection of the site, that which thermal insulation material is best for a specified location. For example, for homes, ordinary materials such as Elastomeric based solution along with thermopore sheet will be used as an insulation material, but as you go with extra heat up homes, located at the busiest cities where urban heat island effect is the greatest, the use of polyurethane foam which has the best result in a day.

We prevent deliver radiant heat from walls through our insulation

Urbanization has increased the effect of radiant heat from one home to another due to urban heat island effect, which is taken place on all large cities across Pakistan at an alarming rate. This radiant heat adds up the temperate inside our home, within greater than the nominal temperature provided by the weather forecast. Our wall insulation services in Pakistan will make sure that the radiant heat issue is properly dealt with on each home, where it faces a dire situation of heat absorption.

Material with best thermal insulation thickness

Thermal Insulation is based on the material’s thickness and the proper way to prevent it from crossing inside of your home. Our wall insulation solution provides a comprehensive application of insulating material over your walls with industry standard thickness at the nominal level. As per our client needs, we can provide double laying of the material over the walls and roof as well, so that more heat is prevented from entering into the homes.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Roof insulation and wall insulation are the same in terms of material used for insulation purposes. The only difference is the application practices, as it requires adhesives to place insulating material over the walls.
Wall insulation is usually applied internally as the materials which hold of heat could be damaged from direct sunlight.
Yes, We coat Elastomeric solution over our insulated material, which acts as a protective layer for restricting a certain amount of water leakage and seepage from your walls.
Yes, you can, our material will be concealed inside your wall and paint may be applied as per your preference.