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Interior services in pakistan

Duracon Engineering bedecks homes as well as corporate and commercial spaces, meeting the clients’ requirements and complementing their style. Her formal rich interiors show as much flair as her chic, contemporary themes.





Our interiors even when minimalist to the eye depict timeless beauty & imagination. Depth of design is never lost no matter what budget range is given to us. We offer both ends of the pendulum from grandiose drawing rooms fashioned in regal impressions to functional and smart apartments for the modern working couple. We pride in well thought out details to accommodate all our clients’ needs and preferences. We offer formal along with casual, classic as well as contemporary home interior designs and themes. To complete our wood stories, subtle accessories are added to give the extra flair.


Our Corporate workplaces depict stylish attitudes and geometrical shapes. We live up to our longstanding tradition of providing immaculate spaces for modern day corporate executives. All highly respected luminaries are given one of a kind environment befitting their stature & suiting the requirements of their trade.

Commercial enterprises are also designed with a focus on style. When attending high footfall projects like social clubs our intent is to create durable and robust socially amiable atmosphere. And when given the task of adorning a spa & salon our intent is to provide a soothing and indulging hideaway from everyday stresses.