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Primer for Masonry Paints


Duraprime is a solvent-based Alkyl alkoxy silane /Siloxane mixture. In diluted form, it serves as a water-repellent for impregnating mineral building materials and as a primer for mineral substrates, including highly alkaline surfaces. It demonstrates deep penetration into a variety of absorbent mineral building materials. Duraprime can also be used as a primer for silicone based masonry paints.


Can be used in a water repellent treatment of highly alkaline building materials such as fresh concrete, plaster and calcium silicate brick. Penetrates porous surfaces Provides water repellent, breathable coating Application versatility: can be applied by spray, brush, roll or flow coating.

Product Data

Typical Value
Active substance content
Specific Gravity
Clear to light yellow


The solution can be applied directly to the dry, porous building material, adjacent surfaces such as doors, windows, and other non- absorbent surfaces should be masked before spraying to avoid contact with the impregnating solution. Typically the solution is spray applied generously and evenly, and a
second coat should be applied while the first is still wet.
Large surfaces are usually treated by flooding the surface with the diluted solution. That is, the surface is sprayed with the solution and the solution is allowed to run down the surface like a curtain.The solution can also be applied by dipping or brushing.The quantity of solution to be applied varies greatly depending on
the surface porosity.Typical coverage varies between 0.1 and 1.0 liters per square meter of surface. Preliminary evaluation should be conducted to determine the coverage requirements.


Duraprime reacts with moisture, and therefore the solutions should be stored in tightly sealed containers. Additionally, the materials used for application should not be contaminated with water and other chemicals to maximize the storage life of the solution. With these precautions, solutions of Duraprime remain useful for eighteen months.


Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request, Formulations typically remain stable and suitable for application for six moths, if AMaterial Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. Similar information for other chemicals used should be obtained from us and proper safety precautions must be observed.the formulation must be vigorously stirred before application.


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