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Expansion Joint Treatment Services

Specialized treatment for expansion joint companies

Duracon Engineering is among one of the emerging treatment for expansion joint companies in Pakistan. Providing all the necessary services for the residential, commercial and industrial sector, we understand the expansion joint treatment is mostly situated for the industrial sector and multi-storied buildings. In civil engineering and construction terms, an expansion joint is a gap between two structural frames which is deliberately made during the construction of any building, house etc. This expansion main job is to face contract and expand during the temperature changes which helps the construction or building in a stable form.

As its still a gap which is open to any sort of calamity, most importantly water, the building might face corrosion or wall dampness due to the water absorption through the gap. It’s the job of a contractor, who delivers expansion joint treatment to their customer to make sure that the gap is fully closed and no water ever finds its way into the building, for the same reason, It is the job of expansion joint treatment to never let it open and make it airtight so that it can act as a good source of waterproofing area.

Faultless concrete expansion joint spacing treatment

There are various construction tactics used during the expansion joint treatment for building and industries, One of which is through concrete. But in order to close down the opening, we use a separate form of joint expansion treatment, such as joint filler, water bars or sealing compound. As for joint filler and the compound used to make gap watertight, usually, bitumen coated material is used whose to fill the gap which helps the contractors to make it more viable in terms of concrete expansion joint spacing treatment. Through the lens of a waterproofing contractor, the material used to compress the gap properly over the expansion joint of any building might make it more durable, rigid and up to any challenge which revolves around water, corrosion or even pest infestation.

Features in high-temperature fabric expansion joints treatment

We Duracon Engineering understand the need for expansion joint prime need in a building, which is to upload the construction integrity of a multi-storied building in Pakistan. Through various waterproofing treatment and methods involving air tightness, corrosion protection, security from pesticides and various other calamities are obtained through our services and techniques. All of the materials that are being used for our joint expansion services are properly looked after for high-temperature integrity of the construction or building over which the designed is made so that no change ever occurs with the establishment if expansion joint treatment.

Delivers service for PVC pipe expansion joints treatment

There is various type of material used for expansion joints such as concrete, metal or even plastic. If we talk about plastic, the most commonly used expansion joint treatment which is used is PVC in Pakistan. Our experienced professionals understand it pretty well that using the expansion joint treatment for PVC incorporates water leakage to its maximum due to various damages and other calamities with respect to time. Duracon Engineering understands this notion pretty well and in the result of it, want to completely eradicate the leakage or seepage through our series of various waterproofing techniques.

All-rounder expansion joint supplier in Pakistan

Being one of the emerging waterproofing company in Pakistan, we don’t get shy away from expansion joint and its application for modern and sophisticated construction either through the industrial or commercial residence. The main experience that we focus and deliver to our customers has always been the all-rounded services for expansion joint supplier in Pakistan in the form if airtight and durable material that effectively reduces the leakages through a gap from expansion joints. The prime benefit which our clients can retrieve is through best after customer service which is our most determined service towards our customers.

Best flexible rubber expansion joint treatment

Rubber expansion joint treatment is one of the leading solutions that we provide to our customers belonging to the residential or commercial sector. It is our defined experienced, capable man-force and readiness during the job delivering that we aim to focus nothing short of a capacity which evidently provides the ultimate solution for our customers and their expansion joint treatment. Mostly rubber joint expansion treatment is composed of bitumen and an asphalt-based compound which works as the ultimate chemical to restrict the flow of water inside the hinges at all cost.

Focused mechanical expansion joint treatment

Joint expansion treatment comes in various shapes and sizes with their own set of variables, importance and how to deal with it. We have made great progress as being Duracon Engineering  to confidently provide our services in Pakistan that means in the all-sector available within our scope of work. Focused on mechanical expansion joint treatment service which is available inside our system, we make sure that no issue every arises in terms of water leakage and seepage through joint expansion in buildings or industries which happens to disrupt the beautiful construction of our customer’s building. With various materials to choose from, we focus greatly on the complete value and through our devoted labor force, manages the ultimate result as being mechanical expansion joint treatment in Pakistan.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Every building is made up of the various structural frame which is joint together constructively through a gap used to make sure no movement takes place during expansion or contraction when intense heat is subjected to it. The treatment for this gap is called expansion joint treatment.
Yes, we provide expansion joint treatment for commercial clients as well, which includes b buildings only. We don’t provide service for bridges gaps.
Through expansion joint treatment, you can be protected from various problems over your roof, that includes, water leakage, pest infestation, and poor workmanship.
The most widely used material for waterproofing and expansion joint treatment is bitumen, and its procured products.