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Over and underground water tank waterproofing Services

Concrete water tank waterproofing services

Duracon Engineering is all about quality rather than quantity, which is only directed for more improvement as compared to time and experience gain. In terms of services, our over and underground waterproofing has been renowned due to its positive customer satisfaction and highly result in oriented service which we provide. The chemical treatment over the concrete water tank helps our customers to make sure no water ever leak out from the walls ever again, which is mostly the reason for leakage of immense water loss. The chemicals which are used for waterproofing are 100% safe and it has a good airtightness index, that only helps our clients to stay assured that no water can ever come down out the concrete layering.

From both inside and outside, our concrete water tank waterproofing services will deliver the result that is never been heard before. With water stored on just simple concrete compartment is not safe as seepage and leakage will bound to reveal with respect to time. Through using our readily waterproofing chemicals which includes bitumen membrane, and Cementitious waterproofing chemicals that are equipped with an industry-standard chemical composition that shows the instant result to our customers without any reservation. Either for Over or underground water tank, our waterproofing solution provider is ready to provide the most optimum services you can imagine.

Ultimate Water tank wall seepage treatment

The first thing that comes into appearance for a weak water tank, is the seepage around the walls, which happens to indicate that water tank is getting weaker as each day passes. The only solution to mitigate this issue is through waterproofing solutions, making sure that no water ever goes outside of the water tank again. The waterproofing chemical solution is treatment on the inside of the tank to make sure that properly chemical application has been carried out which reduces the effect of water tank wall seepage and also assists the customer to get an increase in life expectancy for the water tank. Especially if we are talking about underground water tank, there is more urgency on waterproofing chemicals application due to the fact that ground pressure may be the reason to weaken the walls to a great extent that it requires an ample amount of repair.

Provide liquid waterproofing products

Duracon Engineering understands the need for having liquid waterproofing products for water tank and its importance to stop down the leakage through concrete walls. Unlike normal roof waterproofing which is carried out using petroleum waterproofing products such as bitumen membrane and asphalt-based products, which is not adequate for water tank structure. We will apply 100% liquid based waterproofing products inside your water tank which includes special plastic based paints which consist of polyvinyl, polyester, ethanol and paint. Another mode of chemicals which is suitable for water tank waterproofing is plastered and glued products, which are environmentally friendly for every solution regarding leakage and seepage repairs.

Best waterproofing membrane for our customers

Looking for best waterproofing membrane which fits in with water tank repairing? Look no further, because Duracon Engineering makes sure that we provide what our customers are asking to have. To fulfill sanitary requirements for our customers, we have introduced specially designed, an internationally standard membrane for water tanks, which is named as homogeneous thermoplastic polyolefin waterproofing membrane which is completely safe to use for the storage of water and does the trick for repairing all leakage and seepage most effectively.

Deliver waterproofing services for underground water tank

Water tanks which are situated on the underground are exerted dual pressure, one from water which lies inside the tank, and another pressure is from outside of the structural wall, which highly affects the overall construction of the water tank. In order to deliver waterproofing services for the underground water tank, Duracon Engineering makes sure that our solutions are well applied in order to mitigate leakage and seepage effects of the water tank concrete walls. For water tanks which are made from Plastic, we apply effective paint into the structure which helps to prevent water from ever leaving the water tank structure.

We manage the different structure of water tanks

In reality, there are around 2-3 different structure of water tanks being used in practice, two of them are feed water tank and circular water tank. Both of these water tanks are generally used in industries, especially the feed water tank, which helps the liquid to get condense and storage are also connected through the same system. It is mostly used for boiler purposes and the walls are made up of steel. For its waterproofing or leakage control, the chemical treatment for such water tanks is through specially tuned paint which helps to prevent water from ever leaving the tanks easily. Same can be said for a circular water tank, although the structure through which the water tank is made is usually concrete.

Handles acrylic water tank waterproofing services

The acrylic water tank is a much stronger type of tank structure available in the market for ad-hoc purposes. Although through leakages, the water tank may find it quite difficult to cope with water storage. Acrylic water tank waterproofing services offered by Duracon Engineering makes sure that all crack or leakage is fully controlled throughout chemicals which are widely known to restrict liquid within its speculation.

Elevated water tank services and waterproofing solutions

Elevated water tank waterproofing solutions are among the highly used service which is offered by our company. Being the concrete wall to an extended height, the air pressure always existed which further decay the wall structure more abruptly. Through our avid chemical treatment that includes both membrane and liquid chemical composition, makes sure that no water is every leaked again from the elevated water tank.

frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Concrete wall tank can be sealed off though using the combination of a plastic membrane which is cleaner and has better hygienic requirements, while the chemical treatment that also provides benefits for doubling down the air tightness for better vacuum creation between concrete walls to properly seal off.
Its advice to wait for 72 hours or 3 days until the water can be transferred inside the water tank
For water tank waterproofing, a special type of chemical is used to seal and repair the leakages of the water tank. The popular ones are plastic waterproofing paint and homogeneous thermoplastic polyolefin waterproofing membrane.